Guide to Fix IE Code 9c47 on PC

Internet explorer is very powerful and packed with advanced features, this is why it is preferred by maximum windows users. However, sometimes users have to face lots of problem while using the Internet Explorer such as page freezing, unexpected shutdown. Sometimes it takes more time to load a page and shows some error messages and error codes like error codes 9c47, 9c48 etc. some vital reasons of this problem and error messages are :

  • improper installation of different types of add-on and toolbars.
  • System registry file corruption
  • incorrect data settings
  • virus infiltration
  • Upgrading Internet Explorer

Error codes 9c47 appears on your computer screen only when you update your Internet Explorer . So here is some steps for the solution of this error codes :

  • Firstly, uninstall the Internet Explorer and then restart the computer.
  • Download a fresh version of Internet Explorer form the Microsoft download center.
  • Now disconnect the Internet connection and then run the Internet Explorer installer file
  • After the installation is completed , restart the computer.
  • And lastly reconnect the Internet and check for the windows update.


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Easy Way to Fix IE Code 9C48 on Windows

Microsoft Internet Explorer is very fast and safe web browser which is very popular among the windows users. But sometimes there occurs many types of errors like suddenly Internet Explorer closing during the browsing session, it takes more time to load the page and shows some error message, sometimes page becomes unresponsive and shows some error codes such as 9c48, 9c47 etc. reasons of this error message are installation of add-on and toolbars, system registry file corruption, incorrect data settings and virus. But “Error Code 9c48” mostly occurs when users try to install the updates “Windows Internet Explorer 9 for windows server 2008 R2 for x-64- based system. ”

 Solution of “IE Error Code 9c48 ” :

  • uninstall the bad copy of ie9 and restart the computer.
  • Download the installer from the Microsoft download center.
  • Disconnect the Internet connection because the installer attempts to download the latest , bad binaries from windows update.
  • run the installer, let finish the installation and restart the computer.
  • Now reconnect the Internet and check windows update.

Certainly after follow the above process your problem must be solved but if you are facing the problem still then you should try the third party tool, Registry Repair Tool.


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Fix IE8 Related Errors and Issues Easily

Internet Explorer is widely used web browser developed by Microsoft. It is very fast and reliable web browser with advanced new features. But users have to face some problem during the browsing session in IE 8. users have to face stability problem, crashes due to corrupted files or incomplete registration information. sometimes IE 8 becomes slow and abruptly freezes while working with error messages

There may be many reasons behind this problem  here are some important ones

  • installation of multiple kinds of adds ons and toolbars.
  • System registry file corruption .
  • Incorrect data settings
  • due to virus and malware.

Internet Explorer is very important part of windows operating system. To solve these problem you have to disable the all the add-on and reset the Internet Explorer settings. Scan your computer deeply to make free from virus and malware. So, update your operating system to solve these problem but if the problem is not solved and still facing the problem then you have to reset the Internet explorer settings and lastly uninstall and reinstall the browser. Alternatively, try the third party registry repair tool to fix related errors.

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How To Fix IE9 Errors

Internet Explorer 9 is the most popular widely used web browser all over the world which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is packed with the many advanced and latest features . But due to some reasons many users have to face lots of error. Sometimes it display the pop up error message such as IE 9 Error on your computer screen. Some common problem which user have to face

  • when you visit any website then Internet Explorer closes suddenly.
  • Sometimes it happens when you open the pages the Internet Explorer takes more time to load this page.
  • It becomes slow, freeze and unresponsive during the working period.
  • During browsing the website it shows some error message and pop up ads.
  • During the working period sometimes it shows the error message like “ Internet Explorer has stopped working” .


This types of error and error messages occur due to many reasons. But here is the some important reasons of this :

  • this types of problem is faced due to installation of different types of add-on .
  • Due to installation of many kinds of tool bars on Internet Explorer 9 .
  • Sometimes your system registry files become corrupted and damaged. So due to this registry corruption IE 9 shows error messages.
  • Incorrect data settings is also a reason of this error.
  • Different types of virus, spyware and malware is also the cause of such types of error messages.

To fix related errors of IE 9 at first make sure that you have a good Internet connection. If you can not open the Internet Explorer yet then it may be cause of low memory, or corrupted or missing system registry files. So restart the computer to clear the memory and then open the IE 9. if you can not open the Internet Explorer yet then follow the instruction :

  • first of all disable all add-ons
  • Reset the all Internet Explorer settings.
  • Scan and remove the virus and other malware from the computer.
  • Install the latest updates

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